Overview of Empowered Health Academy, LLC

Mission:  At EHA our mission is to empower individuals from diverse backgrounds caregivers ,CNAs Certified Nursing Assistants to aspiring nurses and nurses  by transforming and elevating their professional careers. We achieve this through a unique blend of holistic health education and personalized empowerment and building community.

EHA founded in 2023 stands as the ultimate resource for caregivers, CNAs, and nurses seeking continuous skill development, career advancement, and personal growth. Elevate your expertise, refine your healthcare techniques, and remain at the forefront of the latest trends in patient care with our comprehensive programs.

Our curated Ecourses and workshops are designed to address the specific needs of caregivers, CNAs, and aspiring nurses and nurses , providing a tailored approach to skill enhancement. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving healthcare  with EHA  as your dedicated partner in professional and personal advancement. Expand your toolkit, enhance your capabilities, and chart a course towards a more empowered and successful healthcare career.



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Our Affiliates

Companies we partner with to ensure organization and health care professional learning and career development.

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Live Scan Plus More Sacramento-Folsom

771 Oak Avenue Parkway, Ste 3 Folsom, CA 95630 916.877.7872 http://www.livescanplusmorefolsom.com/ 1104 Corporate Way, Ste 234 Sacramento, CA 95831 916.251.3177 http://livescanplusmoresac.net/


Oraculix, your trusted partner in achieving excellence in the field of nursing. With a commitment to your success, we specialize in providing comprehensive support for pre-entrance nursing exams, NCLEX preparation, nursing coursework, and select courses.

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CNA Program Overview

SisuCare Online Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin a career as a CNA. The program combines online coursework with in-person clinical training. SisuCare Online Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training is a great way to become a CNA in just 6 weeks. The theoretical training comprises 17 modules of online courses. Use Code: Empowered Health Academy

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EHA hosts and participates in a variety of dynamic events aimed at fostering community , volunteerism, workshops, speaking & more..